Forever Fragile

Collette Breanne Astle

"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth."

For every bad thing you say about someone, say something good. For every crappy book you read, read some really good literature (like the bible or CS Lewis). For every soda you drink, drink a coconut water. For every donut you eat, have an apple. For every minute spent mindlessly scrolling social media, spend a minute outside or playing an instrument.

I am slowly beginning to realize how much easier & more simple life can be when you eliminate the crap and just take in the good, in every sense.

When you’re good to life, it is good back.

12. August 2014






Yes let’s do it for him.

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Anonymous said: You are such an inspiring person. I love your reposts, but your personal posts really speak to me... And I am sure I speak for many other girls out there who feel the same way I do. What do you think keeps you the most grounded and the most level-headed while combatting anxiety & freak outs? Sometimes I just can't seem to find that one thing that brings me back to my senses, ya know?? And me I have to ask... Who is this boy & how did you meet him & how are you two so cute and perfect?! A dream!

This is seriously the sweetest thing. So I do a lot of things to help me out. I journal & play guitar/piano & sing & try to do yoga every day. I also have happy places (like the beach!!) Those things keep me sane. But when it comes down to it & I have no where else to turn I pray. Maybe it sounds cliche but my knowledge that there is a God above looking over me who loves me so much is what calms me down when nothing else works.

And Carson is a dream. We met when we were 15 & we always kinda knew something was there, but the timing was never right. It is finally right and basically couldn’t be any more perfect. He is perfect to me. Ah. He is so perfect.

Love you. Whoever this, love you. Everyone deserves love all the time. Never forget that. Love yourself first!


This is just a little shout out to every girl who feels like they need a guy or feels like once they are dating someone everything in your life will magically heal. It won’t. I still deal with insecurity & anxiety & intense mood swings. I still cry all the time. You have to learn to love yourself. Truly love yourself. That is where the healing happens. The truth is that were all just fragile souls trying to find our place & purpose. But that place & purpose starts with you. So BE YOU. yes. Fall in love. Have fun. Be with your friends. But when everything falls away and you’re sitting in a house alone and you’re crying because you’re worried about life you are just going to have you. And YOU is enough. It really really is. And.

I am enough.
I am enough.
I am enough.